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Sami Bentil is painting out his heart's deepest convictions, blending the history
of his native Ghana with his passionate vision of world peace.

The seedlings of Sami's deeply rooted artistic philosophy were planted in his
childhood.  As a young boy growing up during Ghana's struggle for and
acquisition of independence, Sami watched this human drama unfold on the
streets of his home town, Ghana's capital city, Accra.  With a keen eye, a
sensitive heart and a gifted hand, Sami cultivated a tremendous ability to draw
vivid pictures of people.

Another childhood experience also had a profound impact on the talented and
perceptive young boy.  There was magnificent mural in the entryway of Accra's
main community center, painted by the late Kofi Antubam, one of Ghana's great
art masters.  The mural is based on the Biblical quotation, "Behold, how good
and pleasant it is that brothers dwell together in unity."  This portrayal of
harmony became Sami's most meaningful image and source of artistic

Some years later, while attending the Achimota school, Sami had
the great privilege of studying under Kofi Antubam, who taught him
that art can be a tool for bringing the people of the world together in
harmony.  Sami has held to this philosophy ever since.

As the son of a United Nations diplomat, Sami had the privilege of
visiting the United States during two summers.  He spent a great
deal of time in museums and art galleries in New York
and other major metropolitan areas, to broaden his vision
and knowledge of the arts. This experience provided
an effective backdrop for his subsequent studies in
graphic design at the University of Science and
Technology in Ghana, where he graduated with a Bachelor
of Arts degree.

Sami's work has received great recognition and acclaim in Ghana,
as well as in other parts of the world.  One of his earliest paintings,
commissioned by the Ghanaian government to celebrate the
country's Silver Jubilee, is on permanent display at the Museum of
Ghana.  His work has been exhibited in the United States, England,
Switzerland, and Germany and is widely collected in Europe, West
Africa, and North America.